Midvaal Bird Habitat Restoration – Vaal Birding Route : May 2022

Bird Habitat Restoration in the Midvaal area -- including the Vaal Birding Route -- is carried out by volunteers of the Rescue Earth System

Midvaal volunteers working on projects of the Bird Habitat Restoration Initiative volunteered a total of 2,743 hours in May 2022.

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Bird Habitat Restoration Initiative — Rescue Earth System

Vaal Birding Route

The Vaal Birding Route extends from the green hills of Devon in the east to the Vredefort Dome in the west. Within this region occurs a wide variety of habitats including extensive highveld grasslands, rolling hills cloaked with a variety of woodland types and extensive natural pans and wetland areas.

The vast shoreline of the Vaal and the richly diversity of riverine habitats along the Vaal, the Klip, the Suikerbos and other rivers, all contribute to a region which is rich in natural treasures. Vaal has a relatively small altitudinal range, from about 1 300 m to 1 900 meters above sea level. Despite its small area and lack of sub-tropical woodlands, Vaal has over 360 species of birds, including a number which are more easily seen here than anywhere else. More …

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